HudsonDean was established to bring decades of collective experience in the commodity trading market to focus on the procurement and resale of Crude, Crude Derivatives and Mineral products for corporate clients, tier one traders and end users. HudsonDean expects to bring their combined experience and contact database together in order to become a key player in the resale supply chain.

During the last decade we have established key relationships in the industries to procure crude, derivatives, coal and minerals from refinery groups and miners, at the same developing a blue chip client base of entities that meet strict compliance requirements and have a proven ability to perform.

Based on our experience there is a current gap between major suppliers, their procedural processes and the complex compliance requirements of large corporate entities. HudsonDean will bridge this gap to procure product as sell to strong corporate buyers at competitive rates and maximize profitability.

HudsonDean’s alignment doesn’t stop at our suppliers but we have established key relationships in the financial markets in either a lending or a participation role to back the company financially to procure our products and resell to various corporate entities.