HudsonDean is a dedicated to the acquisition, exploration, development and promotion of mining in Latin America and the Philippines. HudsonDean has a wide range of products in the field of iron ore, nickel, manganese, and copper. Our suppliers have large inventories strategically located throughout Latin America and the Philippines to facilitate orders through their logistic ports.

HudsonDean has multiple commodity offerings but the main commodity for sale is hematite (haematite) and magnetite iron ore. Our suppliers can magnetize to higher rates on a need basis for clients. Our main focus has been 62.5% FE in Latin America and 48% FE to 50% FE Philippine product, we also sell a significant quantity of iron sand which we stock pile throughout the Philippines.

HudsonDean Mineral offerings are as follows:

62.5% FE Magnetite

48.0% to 50% FE Hematite (Hematite)

Iron Sand 58% to 60% FE Magnetite

Nickel Ore

Copper Ore

Manganese Ore

HudsonDean port capacity in Latin America is up to 100,000 metric tons and 50,000 metric tons in the Philippines; we use three ports strategically to export high volume commodities. We also have the capability to dock 100,000 ton vessels at the break water and barge product to the vessel for larger orders. The main ports utilized are: Port of Manzanillo, Port of Manila, Port of Cebu, and Port of Davao.