There are two primary ways of engaging with HudsonDean for business:

1. HudsonDean as a seller of product.
2. HudsonDean as a buyer of product.

Our procedures have been developed to enable us to maximize the probability of a successful transaction and to identify as early as possible any obstacles that may prevent ourselves or our client’s from achieving that aim.

Our business model has been tested over many years of commodity trading, and that in turn has led us to understand that it is vital be fast and flexible in a constantly changing market place.

• HudsonDean does not entertain Broker Chains, we only deal with end Buyers or ‘Papered Mandates’.
• HudsonDean does not Pay Commissions.

Selling to Majors

The procedure is very simple: issue a CI, Dip and Pay for initial lift rolling into a contract with an IRDLC or predetermined instrument in place.

Selling to Minors and End Users

Minor buyers and ‘non known’ end users of product will need to supply certain information in order for any transaction to be successful. These include:

• Buyer’s bank is ‘Ready, Willing and Able’ to support the buyer.
• Buyer must be able to pass all Ability To Verify (ATV) checks at any stage.
• Buyer must pass all due diligence tests (including AML and proof of end user for Sanctions compliance).
• Proof of Funds (not more than 14 days old).

The process will be done bank to bank as industry standard which allows the Buyers bank to verify HudsonDean capability. Once the buyer has confirmed the above, a Commercial Invoice (CI) is issued. We will then supply the POP/SGS report. At loading the buyer can conduct a dip test to ensure the product being pumped matches the SGS report.

Preferred payment is by MT 103 or MT103 Conditional. The buyer’s bank will be requested / required to supply us with a TRN once the MT103 has been issued.

HudsonDean will request collateral as a predetermined instrument to be in place if a MT103 Conditional is not used to mitigate exposure.

Selling to Broker Chains

We do not sell product to broker chains, only to end users and ‘papered mandate holders’.

Buying from producers

We request the producer informs us of their procedures before initiating any purchase:

• We decide if we can fulfill the requirements or not.
• If not, we inform the producer of the issues and state what we are able to deliver as a compromise.
• It is then for the producer to decide to do business with us or not.
• If yes, then we follow the producer requirements to the letter.
• Payment is normally done by MT103 Conditional or as predetermined by the producer during negotiations.