Crude and Derivatives

For trading purposes, HudsonDean buys or facilitates light crude and derivative purchases primarily from Russia, the Middle East, and Nigeria. Crude oil and derivative purchases are made from state oil companies, producers, legal platforms and other trading partners. HudsonDean has developed strategic partnerships and continues to expand its reach in the crude and derivative segment.

Product Availability:

Crude Oil


GOST 305-82 “D2” / ULSD / EN590

LPFO “D6” / CST180-380

GOST 10585/99 MAZUT


HudsonDean has an important and direct trading relationship with the exporter of records which Hudson Dean has a significant sourcing relationship with. It has taken the Hudson Dean team decades to establish itself in the market and to forge the proper supply channels. Today HudsonDean is actively trading REBCO, Basra Light, Libyan Crude, Bonnie Light and Derivative products to clients in Europe, Asia and South America on a FOB basis. HudsonDean typically sells commodities to its customers on a 12 month to 60 month contractual basis. Normal contract volumes offered are for between 1 million barrels per month to 5 million barrels per month and 50,000MT to 500,000MT per contract.

The Company’s international marketing efforts for refined products are concentrated in the following areas:

  • Europe
  • North America / U.S./Canada
  • Central/South America
  • Middle East
  • Asian markets

In each area, HudsonDean contracts with public, privately owned organizations as well as government agencies.