HudsonDean facilitates and at times procures coal for the global coal trading market. The company provides the clients with products and expertise to meet a buyer’s coal requirements. HudsonDean management and partners have over 45 years of combined experience in the coal mining industry. We currently serve multiple buyers of coal and coal product, and have the capability of arranging all attendant logistics requirements for domestic and export sales if needed.

HudsonDean has aligned itself with both small and large coal operations in the US coal regions: from the Powder River Basin in Wyoming, the Illinois Basin in Illinois, to West Virginia and Colombia region. We have access to both utility coals and premium metallurgical through our suppliers which operate multiple underground mines and surface operations across the nation.

HudsonDean offers the following products:

Premium low volatile, medium volatile and high volatile coking coals.

Custom blends and a full spectrum of utility and industrial coals including ultra-compliance coals.

High BTU, higher sulphur coals and anything in between.

HudsonDean coal suppliers have substantial production at mines served by each of the nation’s major railroads. In addition, many of supplier’s mines have access to the inland waterways system. We utilize ports on the west, east, and gulf coasts on a FOB vessel basis. We can handle orders from 50,000 metric tons to 150,000 metric tons. We have storage abilities at various terminals and various means of blending abilities to maximize margins for our clients.